Billing Policy

Administrative Fees:
Beginning May 1, 2024, a 3% administrative fee will be applied to all credit card payments. Members can avoid this fee by setting up an electronic bank transfer. Members can adjust their payment method online by logging into their account. Or, bring the bank account and routing numbers to the membership desk at one of our three facilities and our team will make this adjustment.

Steps to Update Payment Method Online
Click here to log-in to your YMCA account using your email or phone number. If you need assistance logging into your account, email us at or stop by the membership desk.
Once logged in, under Billing, click "Add Billing Method"
Click Bank Account EFT
Enter Your Routing and Account Numbers
Click "Yes" to make this your primary billing method
Click Submit

Payment Schedule:
All payments will be drafted on the 5th, 10th, 16th or 25th of each month. Fees will be collected by automatic bank draft of checking account. (All enrollees will use the auto bank draft or advance payment option). No credits will be given for any family without written approval from the YMCA Board of Directors. Your membership requires a written notice of cancellation before the end of your last month of intended membership. Please complete the change/withdrawal form located at the member experience center to make any changes to your address, enrollment, etc. There will be no exceptions or changes made to any account unless this notice has been received by the YMCA office by the last day of the month.

Non-payment could result in service fees added to your account, and suspension of your membership until all fees are paid, and current draft information is set up. To avoid these fees, please make sure that the YMCA has current and correct bank draft information on file. Our Check/ACH Policy: You agree that using a check or EFT as payment constitutes a contractual agreement. If your check/EFT is returned, it may be represented electronically or by paper draft and you will be responsible for any and all penalties, costs and incidental damages, collection costs allowed under law, including attorney's fees, court costs, and taxes on any check that is returned. A return fee will be charged on any item that is returned by your bank and these fees may be collected electronically or by paper draft. A list of state allowed return check fees is available at:

Returned Payments:
Any payments returned for any reason will result in appropriate late fees, plus a YMCA service fee of $30.00 per incident.  If a credit card is used for payment and a refund is requested, then the 3% administrative fee is not able to be returned. I agree to give notice by the end of the month if I wish to cancel my membership for any reason. If I do not give notice before the start of a new month, I understand that I will be responsible for payment in full of the new month. Without such notice, the YMCA will hold my space open and I will assume full financial responsibility.

Invoice Memberships:
Invoice memberships are available on an annual basis. In some cases, exceptions may be made to allow quarterly payments. Please be aware that we require a written cancellation notice on ALL memberships, whether bank-drafted or invoiced. Members will be responsible to pay all dues accumulated before the end of the month of the notice, regardless of usage. Invoiced memberships do not terminate at the conclusion of a paid time-period and must be cancelled in order to avoid charges.