Corporate Wellness

The YMCA of Rock River Valley provides local employers with a new approach to employee health. Research has shown an effective wellness program can have significant impact on a variety of health risk factors including cholesterol, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and obesity. 

Second Annual Employee Health Challenge

May is Global Employee Health and Fitness month and the Y wants to help engage your employees by getting them thinking about a few things that make us healthy - exercise, healthy eating, drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. During the two week challenge, we want your employees to get active within the Y, make changes to live healthier and compete against not just their co-workers, but against other corporate members to find the healthiest employee in Rockford.

For your company to just participate, there is no charge, and, outside of monthly membership dues, free for your employees to join the challenge. However, investing in the challenge will further incentivize your employees to join the challenge. Your company will receive rewards to give to the healthiest employees at your company. All the information on the challenge and investment options can be found here. Contact Nick Maier at 779.500.0828 with any questions or to get your company involved.

  • Access to state-of-the-art YMCA facilities including I.D. Pennock Family YMCA, Northeast Family YMCA, and Puri Family YMCA.
  • FitPath – our complementary 90-day individualized training and support program proven to make participants 4 to 6 times more likely to reach their goals. FitPath utilizes ActivTrax - a powerful technology tool that takes the guesswork out of working out and helps you succeed along your own personal fitness and nutritional path.
  • Complementary on-site childcare while using YMCA facilities.
  • Member exclusive rates on childcare programs, sports leagues, camps and instructional classes.
  • Unlimited group exercise classes.
  • Access to BetterLife Wellness

  • Reduce Employee Absenteeism
    • Employee wellness programs reduce the stress, depression, injury or illness that employees are experiencing in the workplace, causing them to spend fewer days away from work due to illness.
  • Decrease Health Care Costs
    • Employers have a vested interest in health-related issues and reducing unnecessary medical costs.
  • Improve Productivity
    • Improved employee productivity plays a big role in the success of a company.
  • Reduce Injuries
    • Healthy employees are at a lower risk for injury than those who are unhealthy with multiple risk factors.
  • Improve Employee Morale and Retention
    • Companies that sponsor an employee wellness program send a clear message to their employees that executive leadership values their overall well-being.
  • Increase Health Awareness

Membership Type Youth/Teen Young Adult 1 Adult 1 Adult +children 2 Adults 2 Adults +children 3 Adults +children 4 Adults +children
Standard Rate  $25 $43 $53 $77 $77 $89 $117 $147
Corporate Rate $21.25 $36.55 $45.05 $65.45 $65.45 $75.65 $99.45 $124.95
Loyalty Rate $21.25 $33.15 $36.55 $56.95 $56.95 $68 $90.95 $116.45

There is no upfront join fee or any contracts. Simply enjoy one membership and all of the benefits of three branches. Seniors, ages 65 and older, also receive a 10% reduced rate on their membership. Loyalty pays off at the Y. In addition to reduced Corporate Wellness rates, our member loyalty program offers a lower monthly rate after 12 months of membership.

  • Designate a corporate representative to act as a liaison and assist in communicating benefits to employees.
  • Confirm the commitment of at least five employees.
  • Contact the YMCA’s Corporate Wellness program representative.

YMCA Corporate Partners

The YMCA’s Corporate Wellness Department is ready to get you started. Contact for more information.